Environmental Management


Resource Recovery Management Pty Ltd (RRM) recognises that all products and services can have an impact on the environment and endeavours to work towards minimising, and where possible, avoiding any impact.

As an environmental consultancy we provide advice on sustainability as part of our work, and therefore it is important that we not only give good advice on best practice, but also endeavour to continually work towards achieving sustainability in our own work practices.

The main objectives of RRM’s Environmental Management Policy are:

  • Water Management - Encourage practices that conserve water resources
  • Waste Management - Reduce the amount of resources used and wastes created by incorporating a waste avoidance ethic into all purchasing decisions, undertaking reuse and recycling of material generated and ensuring safe disposal of non-recyclable/reusable items
  • Training and Awareness - Ensure that all staff understand their environmental obligations and work to achieve 'Best Practice' environmental standards
  • Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Encourage practices that conserve and reduce energy use
  • Planning - Assess the potential environmental effects of our activities and integrate environmental considerations into all aspects of our planning and operational decisions
  • Improvement - Strive for continuous improvement in our environmental performance
  • Accountability - Encourage all our employees to recognise and be accountable for their environmental performance

In the provision of our services to clients, we will adopt reasonable and practical measures to:

  • Establish objectives for managing the environmental impacts of our services

  • Support the principles of sustainable development by promoting safe and responsible work practices

  • Comply with all environmental regulatory requirements

  • Consider the environmental implications of company decisions

  • Ensure contractors and sub-contractors with whom the company does business are aware of our commitment to the environment and are encouraged to apply similar standards

  • Foster a culture of environmental care amongst our employees

RRM will allocate resources to support fulfilment of this policy and to communicate this policy to our employees and the public.

Date: 15 February 2010

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